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Technical Bulletin

ACE Gold Truck Wash Concentrate 01-005
(Low Alkaline Truck Wash)

ACE Gold truck wash is a concentrated truck wash product with just a little extra bite of less than 0.23" caustic to give this excellent cleaner just the right stuff to clean tuff road film from most vehicles and over the road trucks.  ACE Gold is specifically designed for the removal of road film and cleaning of vehicles through a pressure washer machine.  ACE Gold is safe to use on any surface not affective by strong slightly alkaline detergents.  Always check compatibility with surface prior to use.  


Appearance-------------------------------------------------------------- Amber to Gold
Odor-----------------------------------------------------------------No Distinctive Odor
Respiratory Protection--------Under normal conditions should not be needed
pH of 10% Solution-----------------------------------------------------------08.0 - 12.0
pH as is ---------------------------------------------------------------------------10.0 - 1.1
Specific Gravity-------------------------------------------------------------------1.0 - 1.1
Solubility in water---------------------------------------------------------------Complete


For vehicle washing, the mixture should be one part ACE Gold to 20 parts of water at the nozzle.  For other surfaces a stronger mixture may be required.  ACE gold can also be cut 50-50 with water before metering through pressure washer.  Product can also be cut 1-10 with water and applied through a pump up sprayer before washing with a hot water washer.  Always wash vehicle in the shade and do not allow product to dry on the surface.  Vehicle should be cool to the touch before washing. 


ACE Gold should be stored between 35 Degrees - 100 Degrees F. in a dry location, in its original container and away from incompatible materials.  Keep container closed when not in use.  Product will not burn, and is not a fire hazard. 


ACE Gold is shipped in 55-gallon, returnable drums and 5-gallon pails.  Bulk shipments are also available.

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