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Technical Bulletin

ACE Blue Degreaser 01-001
(Mild Degreaser)

ACE Blue degreaser is a concentrated alkaline type, synthetic liquid cleaner degreaser used to clean many types of products including but not limited to machinery and metal parts, engine motors and farm equipment, light deposit of grease, oil soot, carbon, wax and ink.  ACE Blue can be used on any item not harmed by water.  ACE Blue when used correctly will not allow unwanted materials to redeposit on items being cleaned.  Surface will remain cleaner longer.  By using ACE BLUE with hot water, you can expect a better faster; and cleaner clean-up job, with less effort. 


Appearance-------------------------------------------------------------- Blue Solution
Odor----------------------------------------------------------Low, no distinctive odor
Respiratory Protection-----Under normal conditions should not be needed
pH of 10% Solution---------------------------------------------------------08.0  -12.0
pH as is -----------------------------------------------------------------------12.0 - 13.0
Specific Gravity----------------------------------------------------------------1.0 - 1.1
Solubility in water-----------------------------------------------------------Complete


For light film removal, mix cleaner with 4 parts water in pump-up sprayer and apply product over small area and agitate or scrub with brush until material is loosened.  Remove with high pressure or rinse with hot water.  Repeat as needed.  Do not allow solution to dry before all material has been removed and clean up is finished.  ACE BLUE can be used through a hot water high-pressure washer at a dilution as great as 150 -1, or adjusted though metering devise to accomplish desired results.


ACE BLUE should be stored between 35-100 Degrees F. in a dry location, in its original container and away from incompatible materials.  Keep container closed when not in use.  Product will not burn, and is not a fire hazard.  


ACE BLUE is shipped in 55-gallon, returnable drums and 5-gallon pails.  Bulk shipments are also available. 

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